Social Media Today Is Becoming The New Obsession For The Humans

Low Decision making is caused by Social media addiction


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Social Media Today | Humans are deeply connected with social media. Around one-third of the human population has joined the Social media platform. Social media is so addictive as the founders also warned about its addictiveness. The recent study was held in the Washington wich convert the relation between social media and decision making the facts. The very first time, the researchers have found social media is connected with low decision making power. The same rate is visualized in the drug addicted person.

It must be the first study who are showing a relationship in social media usage with decision making. It’s really a critical point of Mental Health connection with social media.

Social Media Today | Michigan State University Research to Mental Health

Dar Messi is the Assistant Professor at Michigan State University. He told that the whole set of people who have social media, maximum peoples are so addictive and some of them are showing the excessive use of these websites and the maladaptive nature of Mental Health.

Social Media Addiction

The researcher added the comment on the social media addiction that it would add up extra mental disorders in the peoples. In the forthcoming years, peoples are not able to learn from the mistakes and their attitude towards life going down to negative.

In the earlier article, we had talked about social media effects on the particular girls how is there raining there life socially and mentally it leads to the specific psychological disorder for comparison and social issues about their physical poster, but the social media will work like a drug addiction we have never thought about it.

This is an excellent challenge for the peoples to tackle with such addictiveness along with the mental health problems.

The formula to Fight with Social Media Addiction

This straightforward formula can work for yourself. If you really want to be fit mentally and physically, you have to put your social media uses down to a minimum level. Social networking sites should be not your best friend, it must be your guests who don’t reach your home frequently.

Internet Saathi Program: Add on to Benefits Of Social Media 

We can’t ignore the benefits of social media for small scale businesses. It’s the Google internet Saathi programme in India is getting so much success for the villagers who were unaware of the things like WhatsApp business, Facebook marketing now they are able to grow their businesses and grow their profit. Amazon is providing their services to every small district who ordered their product. It is providing transparency from the market with unique benefits.

Social media site provides flexibility from Right to Information policy from the government every information every knowledge is completely accessible on a click and is a from anywhere is able to detect any sort of experience from the website.



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